SkinVision - Skin monitor – melanoma, skin cancer, risky moles (
Skin monitor – melanoma, skin cancer, risky moles:
Join us in the fight against melanoma skin cancer. Start checking your skin today.

FREE to download only for the month of May.
is the first CE certified melanoma / skin cancer app in the EU and
partners with leading melanoma clinics in Germany, the Netherlands and
the US.

The app is designed for iPhone 4s and higher.

Skin monitor – melanoma symptoms?
or skin cancer symptoms can be hard to detect. Our unique algorithm can
indicate risk based on photos you take with the app, so that you can
monitor your skin from your smartphone or tablet. Save photos in your
personal archive to track spots over time.

After downloading you get:
One free month to analyze the moles on your skin for skin cancer or
melanoma risk (followed by a monthly subscription to continue using the
online analysis, other features remain free)
- Unlimited personal archive to check your skin's health over time
- Assessment of skin type and risk profile to develop melanoma

thanks our users for offering valuable feedback on how to improve the
app, we fixed all the issues raised. Please help us reach others by
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